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Jul 17,2017


Top 6 Fitness Myths

There’s a lot of information out there on the internet about how you should or shouldn’t workout. How do you tell what is fact and what is myth? We’re here to help! Today we’re outlining the top 6 fitness myths we hear on a regular basis so you can train better and be healthier and happier!

Myth #1: “The more you sweat = the more you burn.”

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Jul 11,2017


Dynamic VS Static Stretching: Which Is Better?


                We all know that stretching and maintaining flexibility is an important part of any fitness program, but do you know the difference between static and dynamic stretching? Which one is better for you? Keep on reading below to find out!

                Static stretching is the standard stretch type that most of us are familiar with-holding one...

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May 24,2017


Top Five Fitness Apps You Should Try TODAY!

Let us begin by saying that we definitely have the Domino’s pizza app right next to our ‘Health’ sub-folders on our phones, so, like you, we’re still figuring out how to stay healthy in a world where pizza places offer a whole free pizza if you earn enough points.

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