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May 24,2017


Top Five Fitness Apps You Should Try TODAY!

Let us begin by saying that we definitely have the Domino’s pizza app right next to our ‘Health’ sub-folders on our phones, so, like you, we’re still figuring out how to stay healthy in a world where pizza places offer a whole free pizza if you earn enough points.

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Apr 24,2017


Give Back With CIM5K!

Here at Color In Motion 5K, we believe in giving back. We think that communities that come together to have a good time can also inspire change! This is why we work to partner with local charities in every city we go to! We don’t want the money you donate to go to some faceless organization where you never get to see or experience the results. The charities we choose to partner with directly benefit YOU and your community!

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Mar 20,2017


Southern Style Toast

We are always looking for new ways to spice up breakfast, and this week we have the perfect recipe for you to try on those busy mornings! This recipe caught our eye because it was quick, easy, AND healthy! The perfect trifecta! We based the recipe off the one found on


1 Avocado

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