Color In Motion 5K | Experience The Color Of Fun - Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, PA



Offer ends May 2nd or until SOLD OUT.

Regular Full-Priced Ticket = $60



Offer ends May 2nd or until SOLD OUT.

VIP Full-Priced Ticket = $75

  • When

    Saturday, May 06, 2017 at 09:00 AM

  • Where

    Clipper Magazine Stadium: 650 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603

  • Full Price

    VIP $75/Regular $60

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*Prices are subject to change at any time. No refunds under ANY circumstances. No price adjustments due to sales, promos, deals, etc. under ANY circumstances. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

What Is Color In Motion 5K?

Color In Motion 5K is a chance for you and a thousand of your closest friends to dress wacky, throw color on each other and create memories that will last a lifetime--all that while supporting a great cause!

How It Works

Check Out All The Fun!


When you sign up for Color In Motion 5K, you will receive a race T-shirt, color packet, temporary tattoo, race medal and entry into the Color Bash! Get a VIP pass and you'll also receive a sweatband, sunglasses, bandanna and a drawstring bag! *Colors and sizes may vary.



We are proud to sponsor Excentia for our Lancaster race! We are excited to support their mission!

Excentia’s mission is to provide those supports necessary to enable people with developmental needs to live as independently and fully as they desire within the community.
In support of our mission, we believe:

  • People with developmental needs are unique individuals with the same thoughts, desires, and dreams as anyone else.
  • Each individual possesses gifts and talents that enhance and nurture the richness and diversity of the community.
  • Each person’s capabilities, desires, and dreams will be the foundation for service choices and
    the individual receiving supports and services always comes FIRST!
  • The development of service options for each person will be enhanced by an environment
    and attitude which is supportive and nurturing.
  • Planning and decision-making can best occur through the commitment to a strengthening of a dynamic partnership between the individual, family, friends, the community and Excentia.  This network of relationships is integral to our mission and central to the concept of “Excentia.”

 With a commitment to excellence, we look forward to your involvement and participation as an individual, a family member, or someone looking to make a real difference as a staff member or volunteer. We also appreciate your confidence and support in Excentia.

 Excentia serves people from birth through end of life and we do so while affording respect and dignity to all we encounter.


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