HHHHEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY my funky peopppppllllleeee! So far this year we have rocked it out in Jackson, Dallas, Houston, and now we are moving the party over to Lebanon Kentucky. We are about the take this land of horses and spread color all over it. You guys ever heard of a paint horse? Well there is going to be a lot more of them when we come to town.


The Kentucky Color in Motion 5k is going down at Graham Memorial Park: 500 Fairgrounds Rd, May 11th. 9 o’clock . Unlike most 5k’s there is no pressure to win, or even run. You can stroll, jump, click your heels, whatever makes you happy. Whatever you do, do it dressed in white because your gonna be blasted like a human canvas.


See Yall there

Thought you were going to get away…….. Wrong, so Wrong.

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